Calvin West Johnson aka “Calvin Cody West The Best Johnson” was born in Birmingham Alabama and was raised in Kentucky and Indiana. During his childhood days, Calvin sang in the church and with his parent’s gospel group. Calvin’s passion for music inspired him to become a self-taught master guitarist and learned to write songs and record his own songs and music. Once Calvin perfected  his guitar skills he moved to NYC and formed his first music group in the ’60s with his brothers called the “Johnson Brothers”, he later changed the name to “The MIghty Storms” they began performing all over the united states playing at some of the most famous historical clubs in Harlem, New York -The Cotton Club, Top Club, Lenox Lounge, Appollo Theatre, they also shared the stage with The Commodores & Ohio Players at the famous Smalls Paradise. Calvin continued on his journey and later on formed another group known as “Calvin Cody West Johnson Simply The Best”, Calvin and his group continued to perform shows internationally including Japan, Paris France, and Canada. Their performances included many venues in Harlem N.Y.,  Slyvia’s Soul Food Restaurant, Minton Play, House, Cecil Steak House, Mist Harlem, Jacobs, Paris Blues, and many more becoming one of the most recognized music group in New York City.  Currently Calvin Cody West The Best Johnson has two C.D.’s an R&B Soul CD & a Gospel CD with original songs written, composed and sung by yours truly Calvin Cody West Johnson.