The Billy Davis Foundation

6th Annual

What is Cheeseburger Day?

On Tuesday, May 25th, 2021, The Billy Davis Foundation partners with The Cecil Steakhouse and Kick Up Your Heels Entertainment to celebrate the strength of the Human spirit with popular New York City Fitness Industry Veteran, Real Estate Agent, Podcast Host and Amputee Triathlete Billy Davis. They are teaming up for Davis’ Annual Cheeseburger Day.  In its sixth year, Cheeseburger Day celebrates the strength of the human spirit and raises money for The Billy Davis Foundation, whose mission is to raise money and provide support for amputees with limited financial options who need specialized equipment. “We accomplish this through gestures that touch, move and inspire others into action,” says Davis.

On May 19th, 2012, Davis lost his left leg above the knee in a near fatal motorcycle accident. “When I awoke from my coma five days later, I immediately asked for a Cheeseburger and a Coke,” explains Davis. “So, every year since, I celebrate my ‘Alive Day’ and the day I woke up from my coma by eating a cheeseburger to remember those who have survived traumatic limb loss. My friends and I jokingly called it Cheeseburger Day!” Every year since Davis has been flooded with pictures on social media of people all over the world enjoying burgers.  “For the last couple of years, Restauranteur and owner of The Cecil Steakhouse and Minton’s Playhouse, Raphael Benavides has supported me in my goal to turn Cheeseburger Day into a fundraiser for victims of limb loss, says Davis. “Together, we’ve raised more than $20,000 for Groups like Wiggle Your Toes, ASPIRE and Achilles International. Teaming up with Raphael enabled me to compete in my first triathlon in New York City. So, it’s so perfect and ideal to celebrate the Sixth Annual Cheeseburger Day with Raphael and The Cecil Steakhouse.”

For everyone who purchases the “Billy Davis Special” on Cheeseburger Day, The Cecil Steakhouse will donate a portion of the burger’s cost to The Billy Davis Foundation that will ultimately go to Achilles International, NYC Chapter.  Achilles International, a global organization operating in 25 countries including the US, transforms the lives of people with disabilities through athletic programs and social connection.

“Billy Davis is such an inspiration for our community, through his courage and resilience he has demonstrated that adversity not only builds character but also reveals it,” says Raphael Benavides. “Billy has bounced back from adversity to focus and emphasize the positive in our human nature, through his strength, confidence and optimism he has triumphed over fear and adversity. It is our honor to work with him for such an amazing cause.”

Davis is also looking forward to partnering with entertainment and talent management company Kick Up Your Heels Entertainment.  “Billy is a true superhero! He is a kind soul, has a huge heart and we are so blessed to know him,” says Katrina Hirtz, CEO and Founder of Kick Up Your Heels Entertainment.  Hirtz and business partner Rachael Bezaire are looking forward to raising money for a great cause.