6:00 pm
Sample Sale
The Jazz & Soul Music of A TRIBE CALLED QUEST

The Cecil Harlem 210w 118th st


Sample Sale is a 60 to 90 minute interactive run of Black & Brown music. The fun journey is co-piloted by a DJ and multi-piece band. The DJ and band will play off each other. The DJ will drop a modern use of a sample or the original sample, then the band will offer a live version for the crowd to participate in the performance. And, this can happen in reverse!


The band and DJ will always mix off each other, to never have a break in the energy or music. This is important to ensure the vibe is contiguous and continuous.


For 2021 we will use musical and cultural focus of A Tribe Called Quest and their friends

this opens up a jump into the entirety of Black music

and, it allows for fun and info across eras & age groups

but there is an obvious influence of jazz on Tribe and we can examine it fully!